Fonts and Font Design


Fontgrube is my personal web project sharing fonts I made or worked on since 1993. This is the place to download them and learn about their origins.

In the late 1990s I began to share and discuss some of my font work and the ideas with other font enthusiasts via usenet. I'm no font maker by profession.

In 20011 I started this site. It went out of mainten­ance for some time. Job, family and other inter­esting aspects of life outside the virtual world kept me busy. Now in 2013 Fontgrube is back. Most of my fonts have been updated and revised.

They are freeware, some for both personal and commercial use, others are reserved for private and personal purposes. If you want to use those in a professional context (i.e. to do your job or use them to sell something on a regular basis) you need to purchase a license. For non-German customers I recommend PayPal for payments. (No credit cards, sorry.) Please read the license section for details.

But, more importantly, have fun with typefaces you like.


P.S.: The blackletter font in the background is due to appear in June.