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June 2nd 2013

A Font Revival: Bellybeans FG, with the flower-power feeling of the Seventies. Bulging shapes and flowing curves give this face a very relaxed and laid-back feeling. And the price is cool, too.

June 2nd 2013

Alamendro FG, a new vigorous hand printing typeface based on Almagro, but with extended characters and a more flowing overall impression

May 24th 2013

Gabriele: A Typewriter Series with four members: Gabriele Ribbon (Light, Dark and Black) shows the woven texture of the typewriter ribbon, whereas "Gabriele Bad" is a solid font with grungy qualities. All four Gabriele fonts are free for both personal and commercial use.

May 15th 2013

Mojacalo Relief enlarges the category "fun fonts" by 100 percent. It is the shadow version of a former font of mine that is still waiting for a brushing up.

May 4th 2013

Gismonda, one of the three Art Nouveau faces that are free on FG, turned out to lack a lot more kerning than I had noticed as yet.

I realised it soon after I had uploaded the revised version 1.20. Kern pairs have been increased from 97 to 290. I also revised a few glyphs and added some that were missing (e.g. brackets and the ASCII circumflex). A few more tweaks on this Saturday afternoon, so that justifies the new version number 1.30.

May 2nd 2013

On the occasion of the reopening, there is a new font, Traditio, a soft Textura typeface. A new „Blackletter“ area is going to be expanded in future with more typefaces in that style.
Also expect other new typefaces to appear here soon.

May 2nd 2013

Fontgrube is back! After a break of several years this web site appears in a completely new design. Many fonts have been updated and revised. In addition, now there is a new three step license model and an easy way to contact me and get a commercial license if you need to.

Fonts are now either freeware for both personal and commercial use, or you can buy a commercial license for those fonts that are free for non-commercial use only. Payment can be easily made via PayPal.