Art Nouveau faces

Wavy lines following the patterns of nature and a self-conscious defiance of conventional forms are the typical characteristics of what we call Art Nouveau or in German Jugendstil. The Jugendstil movement in the early 20th century also knows a number of typical typefaces. The most famous one was designed in 1904 and named after Swiss Artist Arnold Böcklin. Quite a few Art Nouveau faces have been around as free fonts, unfortunately most of them without international characters, punctuation partly missing, poor spacing and so on.

In these fonts I have completed the (Western European + Turkish) charset, improved horizontal and vertical spacing, added kern pairs where appropriate.

These fonts are free for both commercial and non-commercial use.
For redistribution please check the license in the zip archives.

Gismonda FG

Gismonda is among a number of fonts associated with the name of "Sam Wang". In the early 1990s he digitized some (ca. 25-28) typefaces (mostly Jugendstil or similar), among them Gismonda. It contained only 2x26 characters and some punctuation. I increased the number of characters in 2002 und 2013 (German double s redone in 2013).
In October 2012 a Geoff Nicholson wrote on Fontspace, the typeface was designed by himself in 1971 for Face Photosetting in London, a meanwhile extinct company. Unfortunately there is no more information as to which Geoff Nicholson made this claim, as on request he did not explain himself in more detail.
Current Version: 1.30.


Lansbury FG

"Toulouse Lautrec" or "Art Gothic" - these are the names by which this font is known more frequently. It became popular in the 1980s through the detective show "Murder She Wrote" starring Angela Lansbury as novelist-detective Jessica Fletcher. So we also find the names "Fletcher Gothic" or "Lansbury". Lansbury FG comes with an extended character set as well as outlines and metrics redone.
Current Version: 1.10.


Trinigan FG

Famous through the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Other names of this typeface are Glorietta, Burton's Nightmare, Goodfellow. Its historical name is probably "Columbian"
Our version has Western European and Turkish character set, Euro Symbol and 108 kern pairs.
Current Version: 1.10.