Fontgrube-Fonts kaufen

Interested in one of the typefaces here on offer?

You can buy commercial licenses for those fonts that are free for non-commercial use only. Some of the commercial fonts contain more characters and better kerning than the free versions.

When the status light (bottom right) is green (ON) you may reach me in 1-2 days to get the professional version after payment of the license fee.

Make sure to press F5 or the reload button of your browser so you really see the current status and not what's in your browser cache.

How does it work?

Pressing the 'Order' button on the font's page you can e-mail me about the font.

Then you will receive a reply telling you how you can pay for the license. The font file should be with you within 1-2 days after your payment has arrived. Paypal probably works more quickly, but for European customers money transfer by bank account may be an option. Check with your bank for transfer fees. Sorry, no credit cards at the moment.

When the light below is red (OFF) I may be on holiday - or absent for reasons less pleasant. In that case you will have to be patient and use the free version until I'm back ;-) .