Gabriele – our typewriter font family

Gabriele was the name of his granddaughter. In 1957 Max Grundig, German industrialist, bought the two companies Triumph and Adler and merged them into his office machine label 'Triumph Adler'. Thus, 'Gabriele' became the name of a popular series of typewriters in postwar Germany.

We have chosen this name for our series of typewriter fonts in reminiscence of those machines and all the ladies (called Gabriele or not) that used to type on them from the 1950s to the '80s. Nobody would have even thought of naming a typewriter Geoffrey or Gregory then. Times do change ...

There are many typewriter fonts out there, and free ones too. Unfortunately most of them for personal use only. Or there is no extended charset or inappropriate shapes for some more exotic (from a US point of view) characters.

This is where the Gabriele fonts come in. They are free for both commercial or non-profit use. And they come with full Latin-1 charset, and more. All members of the Gabriele Family are monospaced, that is, all characters have the same width, except for the ellipsis character (...) which is three spaces wide.

Gabriele Light Ribbon


In this face you see the texture of a much-used typewriter ribbon in all characters. It is based on Dave Rakowski's "Harting" font. But it has many additional characters. The vertical position of the glyphs has been leveled. And some characters are a little lighter. The "Ribbon" versions of Gabriele are quite good at Eastern European languages, too.


Gabriele Dark Ribbon


This is a darker companion face to the former. The tissue pattern of the ribbon is still visible but there is more "colour" in this one. You can mix the ribbon fonts if you want a more irregular printing, as the character width of all three is the same.


Gabriele Black Ribbon


Like the former, but even darker in the overall impression. Still, the tissue of the tape ribbon is visible in this variation.


Gabriele Bad


The fourth sister with the darkest complexion goes by the surname "Bad". That is entirely due to her outward appearance. Inside, she's as good as gold and can be a willing and cooperative member of your team. She's not so good at Eastern European languages as her sisters, but she writes Turkish fluently as well.