Traditio AH

Based on a German beer ad, this typeface comes in the style of a 19th century Textura ("Old English"). I created the other characters not in the sample (right below) along that style. The uppercase characters are often closer to Roman typefaces to suit modern eyes. See right above the re-creation as a computer font, below the obviously hand-written sample.

I even re-created the swash 'r' and a similar 's', but, as an incentive, they are in the pay version only.

There is a long s, an alternative k, and a tz ligature. The combinations ch, ck, ff and ft form ligatures when kerning is turned on.

The free version (for non-commercial use has a not quite complete extended character set. But it is fit for most West European languages as well as Turkish.

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Download the free version here (below) or buy a commercial license.